Lab Integra Analytics (LIA) is a log analyser product developed by DataWENS. LIA provides meaningful security context to the audit logs gathered from the Hardware Security Module (HSM) or Hardware-Centric data to identify security events quickly and accurately.

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Lab Integra Analytics is an effective solution for the problems that arise due to the lack of availability of audit logs on the cloud to analyze the records, visualize the data with a dashboard, orchestrate with external systems, mitigate the risks, and so on.

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Immediate Results

Organizations can get more proactive with their response methods and deal with recurring problems efficiently due to high availability.

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Up-to-Date Risk Profile

The Logs Dashboard visualizations let you detect trends in the behavior of your systems, severity, and mimic human intelligence based on rules.

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Accelerate anything digital

Our orchestration brings agility and resilience to the digital platform, so organizations can focus on delivery.

What we do

Lab Integra Analytics is a comprehensive analytics engine that includes a log parser, a visualization engine, and a rules engine. To make data more comprehensible, the visualization engine brings data to life through live data dashboards, interactive reports, charts, graphs, and other visual representations. An expert-system rules engine runs the rules on the logs and if any condition matches then it executes the corresponding actions. Through streamlined APIs, LIA guarantees constant and seamless connectivity to any downstream applications.


Our strength

  1. Real-time analyzer for time series audit logs.
  2. Providing a 360-degree view of the data in the form of a Dashboard, Graphical representation, and various reports.
  3. Act against the specific critical events based on the rules defined.
  4. Public interfaces expose the data to be shared outside.
  5. Powerful keyword detection and grouping algorithm.
  6. Mobilize Heterogeneous data at a good pace.

LIA , with its robust analytical engine is capable of processing any type of hardware-centric data individually and in partnership with the below certified HSM partners

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