Lab Integra Analytics (LIA) is a log analyser product developed by DataWENS. LIA provides meaningful security context to the key data gathered from the Hardware-Centric devices (IOT/HSM) to identify security events quickly and accurately.


Lab Integra Analytics is an effective solution for the problems that arise due to the lack of availability of key data on the cloud to analyze the records, visualize the data with a dashboard, orchestrate with external systems, mitigate the risks, and so on.

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Immediate Results

Organizations can get more proactive with their response methods and deal with recurring problems efficiently due to high availability.

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Up-to-Date Risk Profile

The Logs Dashboard visualizations let you detect trends in the behavior of your systems, severity, and mimic human intelligence based on rules.

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Accelerate anything digital

Our orchestration brings agility and resilience to the digital platform, so organizations can focus on delivery.

What we do

LIA, our innovative platform, specializes in extracting comprehensive audit trails from both embedded and full-featured operating systems. These trails are meticulously analyzed within our secure cloud infrastructure, harnessing advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities. By scrutinizing these data points, LIA delivers proactive insights crucial for fortifying breach protection measures, empowering organizations to stay ahead of potential threats and safeguard their digital assets effectively.


Our strength

  1. AI powered real-time analyzer for time series data.
  2. Providing a 360-degree view of the data in the form of a Dashboard, Graphical representation, and various reports.
  3. Act against the specific critical events based on the rules defined.
  4. Public interfaces expose the data to be shared outside.
  5. Powerful keyword detection and grouping algorithm.
  6. Mobilize Heterogeneous data at a good pace.

LIA on Hardware Security Modules

Organizations can become more proactive in their response methods and efficiently address recurring problems due to data high availability. LIA accurately predicted unauthorized access attempts and identified appliance performance issues with a leading Hardware Security Module (HSM) provider. This proactive detection helped prevent potential security breaches and ensured the smooth operation of critical infrastructure.

Salient Features


Real-time monitoring

Identify potential problems and threats in real-time to address them quickly from publicly inaccessible devices.


AI Powered Solutions

Lab Integra`s AI-powered solutions enable intelligent automation, data-driven insights, and enhanced capabilities to our customers.


Hardware Security

Protection of physical devices from threats that would facilitate unauthorized access to enterprise systems.


Centralized Dashboard

Tracks, analyses, and displays keyword-based metrics in a personalized dashboard to offer an in-depth overview of your audit trails.


Good Analytics

Deeper insights from siloed logs by providing decision-makers with a 360-degree view of data.

A Glimpse into LIA: See it in Action

More Insights about LIA

Lab Integra Analytics (LIA) stands at the forefront of innovation, seamlessly delving into the logs of Hardware Centric Devices. By ingeniously creating an e-layer, LIA unveils internal unknown activities with precision, all while preserving the integrity of the devices.

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